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I dream. I choose.
I am.

About Me


My name is Kayla Axworthy, and I have been a student of Jeff and Shaleia at Twin Flames Universe since late 2018.

My journey began a few short years before that when an acquaintance told me about the concept of Twin Flames. It was something I had never heard before, but I knew for sure that I longed to be with my one, perfect partner.

I had dated way too many of the wrong people, and I felt deeply that if I had a desire for true love, then surely God had created that person for me.

I spent a lot of time exploring different connections, but they never lasted very long because I could quickly feel that they were not whom I was looking for. We just weren't compatible in so many fundamental ways.


In early 2018, I was sure I had found the man I was meant to marry, however he was in a relationship and I could not for the life of me get him out of my head. I was growing desperate for help.

There were a lot of Twin Flame talkers and card readers on YouTube who promised union was imminent and that the Divine Masculine would "soon be home." It didn't feel right to keep on waiting, and I wasn't getting any real answers.

I emailed a popular Twin Flame "Matchmaker" from YouTube asking for guidance and support but nobody ever answered.

Finally, I found Jeff and Shaleia's videos and learned about the Mirror Exercise. They promised this would be the only tool I would ever need to manifest my Twin Flame Union. A little bit skeptical, I wrote down all of the steps in my sketchbook and gave it a try.

The rest is pretty much history. The Mirror Exercise yielded miraculous, and almost immediate, results in many areas of my life and I began to feel empowered. I no longer needed my Twin Flame to show up and love me, because I learned to give that love to myself.

Learning to cultivate a deep relationship with myself through the inner work taught by Jeff and Shaleia has been so deeply rewarding. What's best of all is that I have begun the journey of learning how to truly love God and have a relationship with Him too.

Before I found Twin Flames Universe, I dreamed of having a career wherein I could help people to grow spiritually and bring them closer to God. I would habitually quit my job to try and start my own business but it never worked out because I didn't have the tools or knowledge to make it work. I would talk to friends and family all the time, desperately seeking answers and asking them if they knew a way for me to have the spiritual career I dreamed of. 


No one had any answers for me and told me that part of life is settling for a job you don't like and just dealing with it. I couldn't accept that. I was experiencing poverty and barely working because I just couldn't stand to be in a job I didn't love.


Thanks to Life Purpose Class, I have cultivated a love for working and have learned how to serve God in even the most mundane of places and tasks. Thanks to the discipline and guidance provided by Jeff and Shaleia, I have learned to make prosperous investments in my success, my finances improve every week, I have good credit, and a thriving savings account for the first time in my life.


The very best part is that I have achieved my dream and am now here to serve you as a Certified Ascension Coach; the dream job everyone told me I couldn't ever have!

I am so grateful for all that I continue to learn at Twin Flames Universe and it is my absolute pleasure to guide you on your journey!

If you are done settling and ready to heal your way into deep success in every area of your life, it's time to claim the support you deserve.




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